Ballot Measures/Propositions/Questions

The Town Council has called a Special Election for May 21, 2019. There will be two Questions on the ballot for voters to consider: 
  • Question No. 1 - Authorization for the Town to levy an initial primary property tax in the amount of $1,500,000 for the purpose of construction and maintenance of the Town's public road system
  • Question No. 2 - Authorization for the Town to purchase certain water utility systems
As the Town develops more informational materials, we will post them here. We will also be updating certain of these materials as we receive public comment and questions. Check back periodically to see what's new!

For more information about either of these ballot Questions, contact:
  • Public Works Director Frank Marbury -; (928) 636-7140, ext. 1226
  • Finance Director Joe Duffy -; (928) 636-2646, ext. 1211
  • Town Clerk Jami Lewis -; (928) 636-2646, ext. 1208.

Important Dates

  • Voter Information Pamphlet mailed out - April 16
  • Last Day to Register to Vote - April 22
  • Ballots mailed out - Week of April 22
  • Yavapai County on site voting available (1015 Fair Street, Prescott) - April 24 thru May 21
  • Last day (recommended) to mail your ballot through the Post Office - May 15
  • Election Day - May 21
  • Town Hall / Yavapai County Drop Boxes close - May 21, 7:00 p.m.

Information Resources

Call of Election (Resolution No. 2019-1133)  including ballot language and guidelines for submitting an argument (pro/con statement) for the Voter Information Pamphlet

Public Notice  regarding the deadline to submit an argument (pro/con statement) for the Voter Information Pamphlet (see Call of Election above for guidelines and fees to submit aElection Notice regarding Sample Ballotsn argument)

Brochure  regarding both ballot questions--includes a calculation for how to estimate the proposed property tax on your home, and remaining dates for informational talks with Town officials

Election Notice   regarding sample ballots

Question No. 1

Notice of Intent  that the Town Council intends to call a Special Election for the adoption of a primary property tax on January 8, 2019.

Rate Study  on the projected funding and uses of the proposed property tax revenues.

Powerpoint Presentation  on the Road Maintenance Program and property tax recommended by the Roads and Streets Committee.  [UPDATED 3/28/19]

Brochure  regarding property tax question.  [UPDATED 2/1/19]  (Spanish version available upon request.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  regarding the Road Construction and Maintenance Program and property tax. 

Roads FAQ Poster   (Spanish version will be available upon request.)

Question No. 2

Brochure  regarding utility purchase question.  [UPDATED 2/1/19]  (Spanish version available upon request.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)   regarding the utility purchase question. 

Water FAQ Poster   (Spanish version available upon request.)

Voter Information Pamphlet

The Voter Information Pamphlet includes details about ballot measures and the voting process. Pamphlets are generally posted approximately 30 days prior to the applicable election.